ONLINE 2-Day Intermediate Series


After learning the basic floristry techniques in the Introduction Series, the Intermediate Series will introduce the next level of floral design skills and techniques including purchasing flowers and building recipes.  The prerequisite for this program is the Introduction Series.  Students will be expected to have a basic knowledge of flora design and floristry skills such as using the tools and conditioning flowers.



Take our certificate-bearing Intermediate Series in the comfort of your own home! After learning the basic floristry techniques in the Introduction Series, the Intermediate Series will introduce the next level of floral design skills and techniques – including how to  purchase flowers from a wholesaler, importance of diversifying your buying, building recipes and pricing out arrangements. Here, you will learn how to create larger-scaled floral arrangements, a bridal bouquet and gift arrangements. This series will be presented at-home via live Zoom virtual meetings.

Class 5: Flower Market Flower Pricing & Budgeting (Day One: 11:30am – 1:00pm)  No Flowers required for this class

Like a chef, knowing where your products are coming from and how to purchase flowers is an essential part of the business. In this sessions, students will learn where flowers come from, best practices for purchasing flowers at the market and how to best speak with wholesalers. We will review the the advantages and disadvantages of the flower market and how to diversify your buying practices. In a group we will learn how to price flowers and arrangements for retail sale, and how to determine a designer’s margin of profit on a design.


Class 6: Classic Monochromatic Design (Day One: 1:30pm – 4:00pm)

Gift or centerpiece designs are a large part of floral design. In this class students will build upon their knowledge from previous classes introducing new techniques. Students will learn how to make two monochromatic low centerpieces in a 6″x 6″ and a 3″x 4″x 6″ glass vase. This will be an advanced study of the crisscross/ grid technique learned in Class One; here we will introduce different types of flowers and learn to properly layer flowers by shape and size. This class will also include an introduction into color theory; learning how to choose the right seasonal flowers and understanding the subtleties of colors in the floral palette. Finally, we will introduce methods for wrapping and decorating the vase for a more modern and polished look.


Class 7: Hand Tied Bridal Bouquet  (Day Two: 10:30am – 12:30pm)

Advancing from the Hand Tied bouquet learned in Class Four, the bridal bouquet is a more intricate and detail-oriented technique that is highly sought after in wedding work. In this class students will learn the characteristics of bridal bouquets and the different popular styles & trends.  How to improve upon the skills learned in Class Four to make a more polished, professional, balanced bridal bouquet, and how to add ribbon treatment of various styles and techniques to complement the total design.


Class 8: Large Scale Branch Arrangement (Day Two, 1:30pm – 4:00pm)

Using seasonal elements such as branches and flowers, students will learn how to put together a large-scale arrangement that is suitable for an entry way or a bar. The typical size of these arrangements is 4 ft. and higher depending on the season. In this class students will learn how to properly condition branches for longevity and how to position them in a design using proper proportions for larger scale vases.


In this online version of our BPSS certified Intermediate Series, students will be evaluated by submitting an image of their completed designs for review at the end of each day. This is to receive feedback better understand the class concepts. If you participate in the series, you will receive a BPSS Certificate in the mail upon completion.

When Flowers Arrive: Watch recorded Conditioning “Chop & Drop” Tutorial on FlowerSchool YouTube Channel to prepare for course. Can’t make a Zoom session? Not to worry!  If the Zoom session doesn’t fit into your schedule or if your box arrives late, you can watch the recorded Intermediate Series on our FlowerSchool YouTube Channel at any time once purchased.

Intermediate Series Package ($1,100): $1,000 + $100 shipping for flower & materials box

  • Intermediate Series Hand-Guide
  • Zoom links to all live sessions (8hrs total)
  • Flowers for all four classes shipped directly to your door
  • Intermediate Vase Collection:
    • Class Six: 5×5 cylinder vase & 3×4×6 Vase
    • Class Seven: 3×6 cylinder vase
    • Class Eight: 6×8  cylinder vase
  • Series Materials: All items that you will need to successfully execute the classes


Series Add-On: Florist Bundle ($100):
Curated collection of every florists’ must-haves!
Florist Knife

  • Florist Clipper
  • FlowerSchool apron
  • FlowerSchool notebook


All Flower Boxes ship via Overnight from New York via Fed-Ex to your home. We are not responsible for any delays or damages and there are NO refunds for the Thanksgiving Centerpiece Flower Box once ordered.

We appreciate your understanding on the matter. We do our best to get you your box as fast as possible! When it is available, we will send along the Fed-Ex tracking number for your reference as well.

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ONLINE Wed., March 3rd & Thurs., March 4th [11:30am – 4:00pm (W) 10:30am – 4:00pm (Th)], ONLINE Wed., May 5th – Thurs., May 7th [11:30am – 4:00pm (W) 10:30am – 4:00pm (Th)], ONLINE Wed., Sept. 15th & Thurs., September 16th [11:30am – 4:00pm (W) 10:30am – 4pm (Th)], ONLINE Wed., Oct., 20th – Thurs., Oct., 21st [11:30am – 4:00pm (W) 10:30am – 4pm (Th)]


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