Floral Design Program: Professional Training for Careers in Floral Design

Our famed six-week program is the best way to quickly enter the floral design industry.  Learn from top florists in the nation, to prepare for a professional careers and be immersed our simulated environment filled with flowers! At the culmination of the program students will have the foundation skills, techniques and design aptitude to work in or open their own professional flower shop or design studio

Why FlowerSchool?

  • Students receive vital work experience and resume building opportunities
  • Use premier blooms and varieties of flowers for hands-on work
  • Our faculty includes some of the best designers in the business
  • We offer flexible payment plans and reduced rates for student workers
  • Access to job placement and alumni assistance after graduation

The Floral Design Program is a total cost of $8,150. Learn about our various payment plans, please email flowerschool@flowerschoolny.com

Included in your enrollment is:

  • Six-weeks of instruction
  • Hand-guide and additional hand outs
  • All flowers, materials & container per class
  • Floristry tool kit: apron, floral knife, floral clipper
  • Access to alumni opportunities & outreach

To enroll in the Floral Design Program students must submit:

  1. the completed Enrollment Form
  2. a copy of High School Diploma or equivalent
  3. $600 Down Payment & Registration FeeAll students must be at least 18 years old

Floral Design Program Curriculum

The comprehensive Floral Design Program course requirements.

The Floral Design Program is comprised of multiple series and individual classes that focus on subject matter that is critical to succeeding in the floral design industry.  The curriculum is outlined below, with approximations of the hours required to complete each series. From this specific curriculum students not only learn the best practices and skills, but also build confidence in their abilities to find success in the industry. 

The Floral Design Program also requires a 50 hr internship after completing the 82 hours of curriculum.

Introductory Series

9 Total Hours

This series of classes starts at the very beginning of floral design and teaches the foundation level skills in floral design. Skills include how to correctly handle and care for flowers, how to use a floral knife and clippers, and the conditioning of flowers for optimal vase-life longevity. This series teaches simple, high-end designs that highlight the flowers’ most beautiful and unique characteristics. Once learned, these designs can be recreated at home again and again.

Learn about the hybrid tea roses and other varieties. How are they grown and where. How are they shipped and how does this process effect the price and quality of the product. What characteristics can you expect from the different shipping and growing countries including longevity and flower conditions. Techniques to help hydrate roses and other hard stemmed flowers after shipping. How to use floral equipment safely and effectively. Students complete “Rose Twist” design using the knowledge and skills taught during the session .

Learn about about soft-stemmed flowers; how they grow and who grows the best varieties. How to get them to hydrate and last. Methods of conditioning soft-stemmed flowers. Learn a set of general designs to help soft stemmed flowers keep their shape including manipulating the stems so their best face is always shows and using other materials as aids to hold designs together. Student complete a graphic twisit design using only soft-stemmed flowers as a test of student knowledge.


Learn to start mixing different flowers and textures. How to achieve a chic seemingly garden look while keeping to a strict set of design instructions. Students will learn how to condition hydrangea and the other seasonal elements. The positives & negatives of floral foam and how to use it correctly. The techniques of building a composition so it can be consistent in design and travel well. Each student is responsible to build on arrangement using the above-demonstrated method as a test of student knowledge.

Traditional Dutch method where bouquet is made in the hand. This style and look is reminiscent of classic Dutch still life paintings. Students will learn the methodical construction of making bouquets by having all the stems going in the same direction and evenly distributed. Students will all build Dutch hand tied bouquet of their own as a test of student knowledge.

Intermediate Series

11 Hours Total

After learning the basic floristry techniques in the Introduction Series, the Intermediate Series will introduce the next level of floral design skills and techniques including purchasing flowers and building recipes.

Learn what the wholesale market is and what advantages & disadvantages it provides. Sellers insure competitive prices, larger selection of different flower varieties and consistency  of product. Students will learn about how to purchase from a variety of sources. Learn how to work with local flower farmer’s and wholesalers workflow and how to manage expectations. How to buy flowers based on cost, quality and location. Students will price out the designs made in the class using actual prices from the day’s purchase as a test of student knowledge.

Students will learn how to build a palette of similarly toned, monochromatic colors using different varieties of flowers. All students will make the design using the above techniques while seeing the different color and texture variations as a test of student knowledge. Learn to construct an arrangement using the crisscross technique using heavier flowers first to form a more stable grid. 

Learn about bridal bouquets and the different popular styles. Condition the seasonal flowers used in this bouquet. Use the skills learned in Class 4 and improve on them to make a more polished, professional, balanced bridal bouquet. All stems need to be arranged going in the same direction while blooms need to be at the appropriate height. This class is a focus on detail, color, texture, wrapping styles and bow styles. All students will make the design using the above techniques while seeing the different color and texture variations as a test of student knowledge.

Learn how to condition large botanical elements for large-scale floral designs including selecting the right clippers and how to use them. How to prune each piece to make sure that it is the right shape for designing and selecting the right vase styles. Students will learn how to Insert stems into the vase in the spiral fashion to easily manipulate the position and look of each branch. Each student will make a large-scale design with branches, flowers and other elements as a test of student knowledge.

Introduction to Tablescaping. In this class students will learn how to coordinate the entire look of a table including the silverware, candles and of course flowers. We will create two different looks or design styles to demonstrate how the flowers and decor can change the environment. Students will learn how to gauge the height and dimension of flower arrangements to work within sight lines, how to keep multiple arrangements similar to achieve a coherent and overall look and to maintain consistency of theme and concept according to the event or client’s request.

Conditioning & Floral Workflow Lab 

 4 Hours Total

The Conditioning Lab is a simulated design studio experience where students spend the entire day conditioning flowers for up and coming projects. Student will learn the best workflow to process flowers including how to check-in materials, prepping containers and conditioning different varieties of flowers depending on their needs and time of use. * Conditioning Lab will end when the project for the day is complete; time can vary.

Advanced Design Series 

9 Hours Total

The Advanced Design Series is a continuation of the Intensive Series where students learn more advanced techniques and develop their own style of floral design. Students will learn four different mechanics of arranging that are commonly used for achieving a specific look. Each student will also be responsible for creating a sketch of the concept and design, picking their own color palette for each instructional technique and selecting their own flowers to best fit their concept.

This class will focus on using chicken wire to help build a grid for floral design. Rather than replicating a design like in earlier classes, students will have to develop their own colors and style based on the class lecture. The instructor will coach each student to insure that they are successful.

This class will focus on building a tape & grid system for large-scale design. Rather than replicating a design like in earlier classes, students will have to develop their own colors and style based on the class lecture. The instructor will coach each student to insure that they are successful.

This class will focus on creating organic containers and how to create cohesive floral compositions. Rather than replicating a design like in earlier classes, students will have to develop their own colors and style based on the class lecture. The instructor will coach each student to insure that they are successful.

Over the last ten years a new standard of design has become prominent and celebrated throughout the floral design community, best demonstrated by designers like Ingrid Carozzi of Tin Can Studios, Sullivan Owen and Summer Robbins Flowers. With origins in Brooklyn, California and Texas, this contemporary aesthetic will feature asymmetry with an emphasis on foliage. Building upon the techniques learned in Class 10, students will create their own interpretation of an asymmetrical design that is both engaging and representative of today’s most exciting arrangements.

Floral Photography & Content Marketing 101

5 Hours Total

Photographs of floral designs can often be the only record of a beautiful design or concept. In this introductory workshop students will learn the basics of floral photography & content marketing. Students will learn the essential skills to improve their photography practice and  how to better market, generate a brand and reach out to your customer base. In this workshop, students will learn:

  • Marketing & Branding 101 
  • Traditional vs. Content Marketing
  • How to Write a Press Release
  • Social Media Engagement, Strategic Plan & Vision
  • How to take a professional still life photo 
  • How to make a good photo GREAT

Sympathy Workshop

4 Hours Total

In this class students  with work through the stages of planning a funeral using flowers as the medium to soothe and comfort the bereaved. Reviewing funeral traditions and treatments from around the world, this class will focus on the meaning of sympathy flowers in a non-cliched approach demonstrating how flowers can send a powerful message during a difficult time. Students will learn how to decorate a funeral wreath and casket spray using seasonal flowers.

Flower Shop Series

9 Hours Total

The Flower Shop Series is a four part series that will teach the class the workflow of owning a flower shop and will cover the following subjects. This class is for students with floral design experience who plan to open a retail shop or people who have shops who are looking to expand and redefine their businesses.

Understanding the type of business that you wish to have is the first task in preparing to open a shop. Do you want to have a shop that focuses on events (wedding and corporate) or gifts (retail) or a combination of the two? We will provide three working models so that you can visualize the type of business that would a best fit. Upfront costs will be discussed.

Section two focuses on preparation for daily orders. Students will be tasked with designing a variety of common requests, ordering the flowers for those designs and making sure they are within budget. Here, we will go over standard pricing practices, presentation, customer expectations and vendor relationships.

In the morning of day two, students will start their day operating as they were in a flower shop. The flowers will be conditioned; orders will be filled for specific clients with specific requirements. Finally, we will learn different wrapping styles and demonstrate successful working methods for each.

Part four will concentrate on the branding of the business, building a clientele creating a dynamic website and merchandising

Advanced Wedding Series

16 Hours Total

The Advanced Wedding Series focuses on more advanced skills for the wedding market. It presupposes knowledge of certain techniques such as proper flower processing, basic arranging and familiarity with the florist’s knife, as gained through FSNY’s Intensive Series. This Wedding Series includes step-by-step instruction of four wedding-specific design skills including: hand-wiring individual flowers for boutonnieres and head wreaths; the design of a cascading bridal bouquet using hand-wiring techniques; large scale designs for ceremony decor; and the construction & decoration of a Chuppah.

In this class students learn how to choose flowers for boutonnieres and head wreaths based on longevity and appropriateness for each application. Hand-wiring techniques will be demonstrated for specific flower types and then applied to each application. Students will take home a head wreath and boutonniere as created in class.

In this class, students will learn how to decorate a ceremony site with large-scale, 180-degree arrangements. A short talk will focus on vessel choice and scale of arrangements. The instructor will demonstrate how to prep a large-scale container with oasis and chicken wire, and create a three-sided arrangement that is structurally balanced as well as stunningly beautiful! Students will work in groups to recreate large-scale arrangements.

This class will feature elevated designs for events or weddings. This style allows for a floral component to be raised at least 24 inches off the table, which greatly changes the direction and viewpoint of the design. Students must concentrate on the viewer’s perspective as well as making a perfectly round design building on Oasis techniques from Class #3.

A brief discussion on the meaning and appropriateness of Chuppahs, arches and canopies for wedding ceremonies. Construction of a canopy or Chuppah will be created and students will learn specific techniques for applying flowers to canopies. The floral canopy will be decorated collectively by the group, weather permitting, in our beautiful outdoor garden space.

Students will learn how to create a modern, cascading bridal bouquet incorporating hand-wired blossoms with natural blooms. Students will learn how to wire stems to create length, how to manipulate stems and blooms to feature a flower’s best features and how to create a lush, cascading bouquet to produce an overall dramatic effect. Students will take home their romantic bouquets!

Consultation to Execution: Wedding Design Series

15 Hours Total

In this three-day course, students learn the full process of creating the overall floral design for a wedding. Students begin with creating storyboards, receive instruction in conducting consultations and creating proposals, how to purchase floral product and finally, creating the mock-execution of the event’s designs. Each student is required to develop their own wedding floral designs based on specific client requests and finishes with a mockup table decor and presentation to the “client.” This is a great opportunity for students to practice event production with specific client requests, budgets and of course, flowers. Day Two will focus on flower buying, production and construction of designs. This day will be led by designer Calvert Crary


50 Hours Total

Providing our students with opportunities in the floral field is an important goal for FlowerSchool NY. We work hard to help our students find real world experiences in order to continue their floral education in the field. We work with several affiliate flower shops and studios throughout the country that offer our students internships ranging from weekends to one month and full year opportunities. Many of our students build upon these experiences to open their own shops or secure a full-time position at an existing studio.

Registration & Requirements

Enrollment, Total Cost & Hours, Payment Schedule, Tuition Refund & Cancellation Policy

Enrollment Form & Policy

Registration for all classes is limited. Students are advised to register as soon as possible to ensure their enrollment in the Floral Design Program. Registrations are processed upon receipt and a letter of confirmation is e-mailed by the Registration Office. Students without access to e-mail will receive a confirmation letter in the mail within a week of registration. If the letter is not received within a week, students should call the School at 212.661.8074 to confirm registration. Course dates, times, and classrooms are subject to change—students with questions should check with the Registration Office. Students must notify the Registration Office of changes in their student information. Changes can be submitted at any time via phone, fax, e-mail, U.S. mail, or in person.

Students must:

  • Provide a high school degree, (or GED or equivalent) 
  • Be at least 18 years of age at the time of entrance in the school. 
  • All students are required to show proof of vaccination

Total Cost & Hours

The Floral Design Program is a total cost cost of $7,850 and requires a total of 132 hours which includes class time and internship hours.  To reserve your spot in an upcoming session, please provide a $600 Down Payment & Registration Fee.

Please see below for payment schedule. Classes can also be accrued individually to work toward the total number of required hours for the program.

Acceptance Schedule & Methods

The FlowerSchool Signature 6 Week Floral Design Program accepts students on a rolling admissions basis.  We require that each student submit their paperwork at a minimum of 7 days before the start of the program.

Interval Students

Students who are not able to attend the 6 weeks consecutively will be placed in our interval group.  This group will be able to take modules of the program when with schedule permits.  They will graduate with the next group of students graduates.  

Tuition Refund & Cancellation Policy

A student who cancels within 7 days of signing the enrollment agreement but before instruction begins receives all monies returned with the exception of the non-refundable $500 registration fee. Thereafter, a student will be liable for:

  1. The non-refundable registration fee plus
  2. The cost of any textbooks, supplies accepted plus
  3. tuition liability as of the student’s last date of physical attendance. Tuition liability is determined by the percentage of the program offered to the student.
0 – 15% of the program35%
16 – 35% of the program66%
36 – 50% of the program80%
After 51% of the program


Student Tuition Liability Chart

0 – 15%Day One – Day Five                     35%
16 – 35% Day Six – Day Ten                     66%
36% – 50%Day Eleven – Day Fifteen                     80%
After 51%Day Sixteen – End of Program


If an applicant accepted by the School cancels prior to the start of scheduled classes or never attends class, the School will refund all monies paid, less the registration fee ($500). The School retains an additional $150 when a student is recruited from outside the United States or its territories and possesses a visa to enter the country for study.The refund due will be calculated using the last date of attendance and be paid within thirty (30) calendar days from the documented date of determination. The date of determination is the date the student gives written or verbal notice of withdrawal to the School or the date the School terminates the student, by applying the School’s attendance, conduct, or Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.

If the School cancels or discontinues its program, the School will make a full refund of all tuition paid for that period


Class Schedules, Program Hours, Enrollment Deadlines, Holidays

2023 Class Schedules

Dates & Times may vary slightly to include holidays and take advantage of special opportunities that come up during the program.

Program Hours in Detail



Week One

Introductory Series

Intermediate Series





Week Two

Conditioning & Floral Workflow Lab

Advanced Design Series

Floral Photography & Content Marketing 101





Week Three

Advanced Wedding Series

Sympathy Workshop




Week Four

Consultation to Execution: Wedding Design Series

Flower Shop Series



Week FiveFlower Shop Internship                 25
Week SixFlower Shop Internship                25

Sessions & Enrollment Deadlines

The FlowerSchool Floral Design Program is a six-week program offered five times a year. FlowerSchool accepts a Rolling Enrollment; first come, first served until the program reaches capacity.

Winter Session ’23 Feb. 20 – April 8thRolling Enrollment Deadline: Feb. 17th  
Spring Session ’23March 20 – April 24Rolling Enrollment Deadline: March 17 
Summer Session ’23 June 5– July 15

Rolling Enrollment Deadline: June 1st

Fall Session I ’23Sept. 11 – Oct. 21Rolling Enrollment Deadline: Sept. 8 
Fall Session II ’22Oct. 16 – Nov. 24Rolling Enrollment Deadline: Oct. 13 

2023 Holiday Schedule

  • New Year’s Day – Sunday, January 1st, 2023
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Monday, January 15th, 2023
  • President’s Day – Monday, February, 20th, 2023
  • Memorial Day – Monday, May 29th, 2023
  • Independence Day – Tuesday, July 4th, 2023
  • Labor Day – Monday, September 4th, 2023
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Day – Monday, October 9th, 2023
  • Veteran’s Day – Friday, November 10th, 2023
  • Thanksgiving – Thursday, November 23th, 2023
  • Christmas – Monday, December 25th, 2023 

Internship Programs

Our Internship Program

FlowerSchool partners will several of the best flower shops and studios to provide a 50- hour internship experience as apart of the Floral Design program. These internship provide vital opportunities for students to practice their skills and techniques in real-world studio settings. Students assist will all aspects of the floral business from weddings, events, weeklies, conditioning & flower prep, deliveries and more. These internships have the potential to grow into longer opportunities outside the school ranging from weekends, to one month and full year positions. Many of our students build upon these experiences to open their own shops or secure a full-time employment at an existing studio. FlowerSchool works hard to help our students find real world experiences to continue their floral education and use their skills

FlowerSchool also offers an online Alumni Group where like-minded graduates can connect with each other, ask questions and even help each other on independent events. FlowerSchool posts all job opportunities and external internships on this group.

Affiliate Flower Shops & Studios

A list of the flower shops that participate in our Internship Program.

The English Garden first opened its doors over twenty years ago when a British native established the shop. Now, Ooldouz Novin, an experienced and passionate floral designer has picked up where the founder left off. Taking the care and professionalism that The English Garden has been known for, Ooldouz devotes her time to creating floral pieces with each client in mind. 

Location: 31143 Via Colinas, Westlake Village, CA, 91362

Flowermaid is a boutique floral design studio offering flower creations for weddings and events as well as everyday needs with a unique sense of style, elegance and individuality. 

Equipped with a thorough education in floristry and the experience and background from her father’s flower breeding greenhouses in Germany, Ines Garstecki, the owner of Flowermaid, started the company in 2003. 

Location: 4201 McConnell Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Boy Who Cried Flowers

Located in the SoCal Flower Market, The Boy Who Cried Flowers provides full floral and botanical services for events, weddings, retail spaces, restaurants, bars residential, etc…


The Flowerman was established in 1928 in East Pasadena. Family owned and operated for 4 generations, we proudly serve the greater Pasadena are from our base location on the corner of Foothill and Sierra Madre Blvd. We deliver from our store to most of Los Angeles County, and through our network of professional florists nationally and internationally.

Location: 2450 E.Foothill Blvd. Pasadena, CA, 91107

New York Affiliate Flower Shop & Studios

Rachel Cho Floral Design

633 West 27th St

New York, NY

Contact: Rachel Cho & Peter Hein

Bastille Flowers & Events

134 West 26th S. #1205, New York, NY


Contact: Emily Pinon & Tracey Huang

Raquel Corvino (Flowers 298 LTD)

165 West 107 St. New York, NY

Villanueva Designs

120 W. 28th St, 3rd Floor 3X

New York, NY

Contact: Juan Villanueva

Shu’s Flower

179 Mulberry St,

New York, NY

Contact: Dallas Liang

L’Atelier Rouge

39 West 29th St floor 7,

New York, NY

Contact: Caroline Bailly

Designs by Ahn

242 5th Ave, #2

New York, NY

Contact: Victoria Ahn

Élan Flowers

26 Grand St,

New York, NY

Contact:  Patrick & Christine

East Olivia

New York, NY

Contact:  Kristine LaForgia