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About FlowerSchool

FlowerSchool was established in 2003 has locations in New York City and Los Angeles California

Offering a vast array of floral design classes, FlowerSchool Los Angeles brings the most sought-after designers from all over the world to teach our uniquely comprehensive programs. 

FlowerSchool is one of the many programs offered by The Institute of the Living Arts which is operated by Executive Director and Owner, Calvert Crary. 

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, FlowerSchool LA is one of the most celebrated floral design schools in the world.  FlowerSchool is the place to begin your floral education and exploration into the world of contemporary floral arranging.

Area & Resources

& Places to Stay

Los Angeles is a sprawling home for creatives in all art and its floral scene is no exception. LA's flower scene is full of inspiring artists who are breaking all the rules and setting a new standard in floral design.  Learning from FlowerSchool Los Angeles is trhe first step into this exciting industry.   


See below for some insight into where to stay, where to shop, see flowers and what to do.

At Mayesh, they pride themselves on being a leading distributor in the wholesale flower industry by providing beautiful and unique flowers to many of the country’s top wedding and event florists and offering exceptional customer service. Mayesh is a dynamic and growing company, currently employing 400 people across 19 branches in ten states, but services the entire country from its distribution centers in California, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, and Texas


FleuraMetz guarantees a fresh selection, surprising variety and good quality essentials. Known for its access to Dutch flowers, they also sell a wide variety of local , South American and California novelties. They ship worldwide and have branch located at the Los Angeles Flower Market. Fleurametz is one of our top vendors to work with at FlowerSchool. 


The team at Accent Décor has been designing and providing containers for many years. They try to work directly with florist to create containers to stay current with popular styles.

Accent Decor

GM has the largest selection of vases and decor items that are a perfect compliment to your floral designs. They have wide inventory of floral supplies to get your job done! They are located at the Los Angeles Flower Market. Gm is a staple for FlowerSchool Los Angeles

GM Floral Comapny

One of the leaders in tableware for home and commerical use, Costa Nova has generouslly proved FlowerSchool with a full inventory for students to use for their tables and parties.

Costa Nova


Use this space to promote the business, its products or its services. Help people become familiar with the business and its offerings, creating a sense of connection and trust. 



Floral Vendors We Trust

Learning is a wonderful thing and we often learn as things evolve in our own lives.  But in order to create luxury, you must live luxury.  That is why FlowerSchool strives to proved the most spectacular experience.  Staying in a safe clean environment, working with the best vendors and creating the best possible experience is pinnacle.

What We Value


Work with an attorney at Bizcounseld who specializes in helping startups and growing businesses. In addition, you’ll have access to their network of specialist attorneys.

Lalea & Black CPA

Lalea & Black will provide you with the best small business accounting services in Los Angeles. They can help you to minimize your overhead, maximize your tax deduction, and leverage your finite assets for long-term success. 

Calvert Crary

With over 25 years of owning small businesses in multiple states, Calvert is the perfect coach, advisor and consultant.  Reach out to him directly through the contact page to set up a time to consult. 

Professional Services

Meet The Team

Calvert Crary

Executive Director

Calvert Crary is the Executive Director of both FlowerSchool New York and FlowerSchool Los Angeles, and author of Flower School: A Practical Guide to the Art of Flower Arranging (Nov 2020).

An internationally recognized instructor and mentor, Calvert has taught programs across the United States, Holland, Mexico and Australia, and was this year’s judge for the prestigious PHS Philadelphia Flower Show.

Calvert has trained and coached thousands of students on how to work in the floral industry with top designers, start new businesses, or reorganize existing floral businesses into thriving careers.

Tara Sandonato

FlowerSchool Los Angeles Director

Tara Sandonato has been a creative force in the floral industry, starting at the early age of 16. Tara has worked for several well-respected event and floral companies in Boston, New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles as a highly regarded freelance designer. 
After 22 years in the floral industry, Tara has joined FlowerSchool Los Angeles as their Operations Director, to inspire new designers and continue to grow and promote this exciting and ever changing profession. 

Francesca Cigola

Event Director NYC

Francesca, a published author and art historian, inspires the events with Italian flair and passion.  

Sherri Amundson

Studio Manager

A graduate of FlowerSchools famed Floral Design Program and now handles the all things studio at FlowerSchool.  

Mia Lano

Marketing Assoiate

Mia is a graduate of FIT and former intern.  She has now joined the team and heads up both marketing and PR initiatives.  

Located in Little Tokyo, DoubleTree Los Angeles is just steps from the Arts District. An area full of great food, art galleries, breweries and so much more!

Double Tree Los Angeles is a 3 minute walk to FlowerSchool, this is an ideal spot for students to stay.

Housed in the historic Commercial Exchange building, The Freehand Los Angeles is located in downtown and is truly one-of-a-kind, featuring suites, premium hotel rooms and shared accommodations including a Women's only shared space.  The stylish interiors are designed by Roman & Williams.

With locations all around Los Angeles, Air BnB is always available.  However, you are at your own risk as we have not vetted any flats.

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